AdvoCare and Pregnancy

If you read my previous post (go back and read it if you haven't) then you know that I have learned my lesson with this baby.  I realize now what I should have realized in February, March, April, May, and June about continuing to take my AdvoCare products while pregnant.

AdvoCare has the TOP Science and Medical Advisory board using their knowledge and experience in medicine, nutrition, and science to ensure that ALL products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients and based on the latest scientific research. Combined they have over 250 years of experience as well as many distinguished honors and multiple published works.  I have met some of them and had the chance to ask several questions regarding AdvoCare products.  

I'm thankful and grateful to be a part of a company that cares about people so much that it has THE BEST OF THE BEST on their team and creating their products! 

So with that said...having the best of the best...for those who are pregnant or for those who are breastfeeding, here are some of the products recommended for us.  Not only are they what your body needs, but they are safe for your baby as well...and HEY, take it from me...they will make you feel 10 times better...scratch the pregnancy blues. *smile*

  • Probiotic Restore Ultra: helps you stay "regular" and keeps your immune system strong.  // We know that while pregnant your body is going through so many changes, staying "regular" can be a struggle depending on your diet.  Not only are we fighting for ourselves but we are fighting for the baby inside as keeping a strong immune system is KEY!  Added this to my regimen last month...what took me so long???
ProBiotic RESTORE™ <em>ULTRA</em>
  • CorePlex with Iron: multivitamin that contains 37 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, a good source of iron & folic acid (use in conjunction with OmegaPlex as a high quality alternative to prenatals)  //  I did have this on hand from the beginning, after taking the doctor prescribed prenatals for a little over a month...I decided to kick that to the curb and take CorePlex with Iron as my prenatals as stated above, I did add OmegaPlex as well. 
CorePlex® with Iron
  • OmegaPlex: Omega 3 fatty acid, also contains DHA essential for baby's brain development  //  as if I need to say anything else after that...helping our little one's brain is IMPORTANT, DHA is something we want them to continue to get in their diets even after birth, so adding the top Omega (recommended by Dr. Oz) to your diet while pregnant gives your baby an advantage over the rest! *smiles
  • Rehydrate: supports hydration electrolytes and perfect ration of sodium to potassium helps prevent headaches (that occur from dehydration) and muscle cramping.  //  Who would have thought adding a little human to your belly could cause so many muscle cramps?  I did not cramp at all with any of my children, UNTIL BABY #4!!! This is something I have just added to my regimen, but something I should have continued to take from the beginning...  Don't leave home without rehydrate!
  • Calcium Plus: keeps bones strong  //  While pregnant any help you can get, take it.  I had these supplements in the pantry just sitting there until last month.  What was I thinking from February until June...oh yea, I wasn't thinking thanks to baby #4! 
Calcium Plus
  • Spark: energy and mental focus (one per day - has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee  // This is something I knew from last Success School when Dr. Judith Smith discussed how she could only drink 1 Spark while pregnant (at the time she was 7 months pregnant).  I still drink Spark, some days I depends on what I need to get done.  BUT...I did tell someone, I love the Sparked Dana more than the Pregnant Dana. *giggles*
AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink
  • Catalyst: Supports muscle tone and helps protect muscle tissue  //  I have taken some Catalyst but I try not to take too many, my hubby gets mad when I dip into his stash of products.  However, during a time when your body is changing tremendously, maintaining muscle mass is important.
  • Fiber Drink (Peaches and Cream):  use on occasion to help prevent constipation  // I haven't had this problem so this was something I didn't really consider or know about.  
I have also had the chance to check out the Nursing Mom's Challenge, I have had the opportunity to share with friends who are nursing and I look forward to seeing their results.  I will DEFINITELY be doing this after Baby George #4 arrives sometime in October so I can get back to "feeling normal."  ALSO, I've heard that it helps with your hair if you suffer from severe shedding after birth.

Please be on the look out for BEFORE and AFTER pics sometime close to Thanksgiving.  I am already super stoked about getting back to my regular size, but to make matters even better...the hubby and I have a bet going on...I bet him $150 that I would be a size 6 or smaller by Christmas.  SO if our son decides to make his appearance towards the end of October, that gives me approximately 2 months to get right.  PLEASE STAY TUNED for the results.  I'm roughly a size 14/16 now, 7 months let's say I get up to a 20/22...that's a lot of pounds/fat/whatever else to shed! This song just popped in my head...

If you are pregnant, nursing, looking for weight lost results...please contact #TeamGeorge HERE, see our story, get started, join our team! 

Pregnant - #4

Who said after the 3rd child, things really don't change???  THEY LIED!!!
Let's start with the pregnancy, I can't begin to tell you all how eager I am to deliver this baby.  Not only am I SO excited to meet our second son, but I'm also TIRED of being pregnant.

Could it be...

I'm 10 years older than I was when I had my first child...

I am adding to my family of 5...instead of family of 2, 3, or 4...

I'm working a lot harder than I was with babies 1, 2, and 3...

I'm pushing the age where things just aren't operating the way they should be operating...

I haven't been pregnant during this time of the year at this stage of pregnancy...

I gained too much weight in the beginning and it made me extremely uncomfortable going forward...

People have been asking me since much longer...ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! It's June, I can't be that BIG...I have until OCTOBER!!!


It could be several reasons as to why baby number 4 is giving me pregnancy blues, I'm not really blaming anyone or any reason I'm just hoping and praying things get better.

Prior to becoming pregnant the hubby and I were on AdvoCare challenges and products (by the way the best products in the world, hands down...check it out HERE) and I felt AMAZING! Energized, Healthy, AMAZING!!!  All of a sudden, we find out the news, and I gain 30 lbs in the first 3 months...according to my doctor this is okay for a person who was underweight (her opinion not mine) from the start. Now I'm in my 7th month, 60 lbs gained, and 2.5 more months to go. 

Thankfully, I have researched our wonderful AdvoCare products and realized I should have continued to take them through the entire pregnancy, not all of them of course, but most of them.  

If there is a baby #5, I plan to take more AdvoCare products throughout that pregnancy...JUST KIDDING!!! Baby #5, I hope you are laughing right?!?

I love being pregnant, I really do, but this baby is giving me more pregnancy blues than I can handle.  Pray for me blog-world...just pray for me.  

On to the next post...

Don't Let Them Hold You Back

I get daily devotionals sent to me via email daily...some of them I have signed up for and some I have friends email me just because.  Well just after getting a text message that was quite disturbing, I was sent a daily devotional.  How many of you know that God is always on time...well this was one of those always on time moments.
The title is as this post - Don't Let Them Hold You Back...

Wrong labels can keep you from your destiny.  You are NOT who people say you are.  YOU ARE who God says you are.  People will label you not good enough, too slow, too old, too many mistakes.  God labels you as STRONG, TALENTED, VALUABLE, MORE THAN A CONQUEROR.  Make sure that you're wearing the right labels.  Don't go the next 20 years allowing one negative comment to hold you back.

SN: I totally needed to hear this which is why I am sharing with the world.  I've grown enough spiritually to understand and not let the things that others say about me affect the way I feel about myself.  However, I'm human and not perfect which means there have been times when I have slipped and let someone get more credit than they should have...and because of this, I have fallen into a place where I did believe the things that were said to me.  Words...they can build you up and bring you down! But The Word says so much more about The Word of God... 

Many people don't know any better.  They wear the negative labels like they're the truth.  They become so engrained in their thinking that they end up becoming what people say they are instead of what God says they are.  

Are there labels that are holding you back today?  What a coach said?  What a counselor said? Even negative comments spoken by your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles?  This is the time to remove every negative label.  People don't determine your destiny; God does.  The only power that label has over you is the power that you give it.  If you will remove it; if you will forgive that person and quit dwelling on it, then that label will have no effect on you. 

Prayer : Father, thank You for Your truth which sets me free.  I choose to let go of every negative word spoken over me.  I choose to forgive those who have hurt me.  I embrace Your Word which is my identity in Jesus' name. Amen. 

Feel better? I know I do...

This was sent to me by a friend, it is a published daily devotional...when I find out which one, I will give credit where credit is due. 


Yesterday on ALL of my social network accounts, I went ahead and revealed the breaking news, so if you aren't a follower @danadcg Twitter @danadcg Instagram Dana George Facebook, then you probably missed out on the news...GO FOLLOW...oh and a new one MelloYella KEEK.

I been gone, I been gone, I been gone!!!

I'm back in a blogging mood, are you surprised?  If not, you should be.  Not that I haven't wanted to write anything, it's the the fact that I haven't had the time to write anything.  Last October I started something new, AdvoCare, in January I received new job assignments at the J-O-B, and this year, well let's just say this year has been eventful thus far...(breaking news coming next week).  So what was my point (crazy girl I know), I haven't really had time to write, oh yeah.

What else, I haven't had time to post any new YouTube videos either, I haven't had time to pay attention to my hair (laziness) but I have had time to "like" pictures on Instagram (find me @danadcg), subscribe to new YouTube channels, watch a few videos, and purchase some new hair products (for what? since I haven't been using them)...oh and Henna, I haven't henna'd my hair in 4 months...I want to say the last time was Nov/Dec...and my hair is totally feeling it.  

Hair talk : My girls got twists and it was like I had twists...I didn't have to pay much attention to their hair (as I would their normal hair) and that led to major laziness on my head.  I can't tell you how many times I clarified or even styled my hair, in fact, I rocked that stupid high pony tail that I'm forever and a day tired of...  So tired that today, I actually wore my hair out...and I was sad that I didn't bring a scrunchy with me to tie my hair up. (go figure)
After watching some of the same YT videos I'm going to get back on my hair game now...starting this weekend.

Life talk : Life has been crazy, the fam moved recently into a bigger spot...we were literally running out of space.  Everyone is comfy now and other than sitting in the house making videos (YT hair videos that is), I'll be finalizing things in the house, possibly making things I saw on Pinterest as well... (d.) Life life life, the kids are busy, we are busy, and that's just what I call the busy life of the George's. :)

Fitness talk : As summer quickly approaches I want to let all of you know about an opportunity to stay fit or get fit for the summer, check out my website HERE... Me on the other hand, I'm trying to keep my much as possible.

Until next time : Stay safe, stay warm or cold...depends on what day of the week it is in Texas (Texans joke)...for those out of state...keep it real!



PS I added new pics in the photo gallery, from earlier this year...enjoy!!!


Hair Resolutions

While checking my email earlier today, I ran across a Hair Resolutions email from Glamour Magazine.  I found it quite interesting...since it is the second day of the year and "everything new" seems to be on my mind more than usual.
See the resolutions HERE for yourself.  Or continue reading my take on the resolutions...

1. I will not peel or pick at my split ends.  ** we all know this isn't good but it's like some people and scabs or some people and just seems like a must and you can't keep yourself away from them.  For my natural girls, I mean it's hard when you find those knots, or those tangled my question I cut it?  Okay, what if i do cut out the knots...will I one day end up with this uncomfortable style that I just can't seem to fall right because I cut my knots out at least 3 times a day? #justsaying

2. I will remember to deep condition my hair once a week.  ** Deep conditioner was my friend for the last two months of the year and if it wasn't for my iPhone reminders, I couldn't say I would have been able to stick to the once a week regimen.  I mean, you have to remember, I have to keep up with three regimens...oh make that FIVE if you include the two puppies we have at home that tangle more than my natural mane. 

3. I will stop constantly running my hands through my hair or twirling that one front strand.  **giggles** Now this is quite funny...for two reasons. One, I can't really run my hands through my hair...IT IS CURLY...two I found myself messing with that front strand this morning while sitting at my desk deciding what task I wanted to tackle first off my to-do list. 

4. I will wear my easy cop-out ponytail two days a week.  ** This is kind of funny as well...  I feel as though the ponytail/poof thingy that we natural girls rock has been my go to hair style for the winter, not on purpose, but very subconsciously.   I will definitely work on keeping it down to one or two days out of the week...maybe a "close to my wash" day. 

5. I will create some distance between myself and my flat iron/curling iron and work with my God-given texture. ** I have to say...I've been working with my God-given texture for the past year and several months...I do not need to add this to my hair resolution list.

I really don't get into all the resolution stuff, but I found this article from Glamour pretty interesting...

What's your HAIR RESOLUTIONs for 2013? Based on their list...are you doing pretty good so far?

Comment, let me know.